Corporate social rensponsibility

The purpose of life is to be honourable, compassionate and to be of use… to be able to live and live well.

The Foundation

‘For the Love of Life’ Foundation, is a private initiative charity, that has been created with a strong sense of responsibility to provide assistance (economic and material) to alleviate poverty and the suffering of our fellow people, with an emphasis on quality of life.


Based on the Greek etymological origin of the word ‘philanthropy’ (meaning love for man), and the deeper concept of caring, offering support and strengthening the groups that suffer; the Foundation sets a precondition for its voluntary functioning that “others” less fortunate, become the term of its existence.


The charitable actions and financial support offered by Aphrodite Hills Resort began many years ago, through numerous social and cultural activities which provided monetary assistance through donations to various non-profit organizations. The decision to create an autonomous, non-profit charitable foundation in 2017 was based on the belief that this institution will inevitably have a significant promotion and hence offer greater support, through contiguous social and cultural activities that can aid the common good with targeted actions. This belief stems from the continuous exercise of human values and is based on the unselfish offer of the founding members of the Foundation. With the Foundation, we can create even more opportunities that will allow us to act directly towards our duty for the common good.

A Charm for a Cause

Aphrodite Hills will be accepting donations for the “For the Love of Life Foundation”. Each donation will have a value of €15 and will be accompanied by a charm souvenir (choice of bracelet or necklace).Make your donation at Aphrodite Hills Resort premises.

Charity Actions

Via various events and happenings in 2017 & 2018, Aphrodite Hills, supports the Limassol based Centre for Preventive Paediatrics which provides its services to the entire island of Cyprus.