Spa Treatments

The Retreat Spa by Atlantica offers a variety of indulgent, pampering Treatments & Packages. In collaboration with the world-renowned spa brand – ‘ELEMIS’, our treatment journeys are designed to deliver true luxury and escapism. Utilising only the most natural and effective products; treatments include Facials, Body Wraps, Exfoliations, Massages, Hydrotherapy, Stone Therapy, Manicures and Pedi­cures. All Spa Treatments can be prepared as a beautiful gift-wrapped voucher… making the perfect gift for all occasions.
€0 Price range: €153

Indian Indulgence (40 min)

Indian Head Massage has been practiced for over 4000 years. Relieving tension from your shoul­ders, neck, head and face, the treatment is con­cluded with oiling of the hair, a traditional Indian practice to balance your hair, scalp and mind.
€ 80.00

Indian Indulgence Ritual (90 min)

A warm Foot Bath will soak away tension followed by a skin-smoothing Foot Exfoliation with warming Indian Spices. The journey continues with a deca­dent Massage with specially blended oils to relieve deep-seated stress from the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair! The treatment is concluded with the exotic mix of warmth, aroma and an indulgent Scalp Massage which allow you to drift into blissful relaxation.
€ 150.00

Thai Massage (60 min)

Performed on the floor, an ingenious system of move­ments, allows the therapist to manipulate, loosen and stretch the body, with techniques unique to this ancient massage. Working on the energy lines, which run through­ out the body, it releases blockages, opens the chakras, increasing your energy and flexibility whilst inducing a peaceful mind.
€ 130.00

Sensory Ritual of Aroma (90 min)

Embrace yourself in the scent of Mediterranean Body Exfoliation and escape to another realm. Our Signature Aromatic Oils are applied to the body to renew and smooth your skin. Cleanse away the stress of the outside world before sub­mitting to a full body Aromatic Massage. Warm Essential Oil and a mind-melting Head Massage conclude this aromatic ritual of Aroma.
€ 135.00

Therapeutic Massage (60 min)

Incorporates a variety of advanced modalities that enhance the body’s natural restorative functioning. Light to firm touch is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation and impart a sense of calm.
€ 95.00

Swedish Massage (60 min)

This massage combines light-to-medium pressure which releases tension, improves circulation and eases aching muscles. It involves the use of hands, forearms or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health.
€ 95.00

Royal Thai Massage (75 min)

Using a relaxing blend of traditional Thai aromatic herbal oils, all tension is released from the body and mind with unique techniques to this sublime Oriental massage.
€ 153.00

Reiki (75 min)

Reiki Therapy originates from Japan and works to treat the person as a whole, to release stagnant energy and boost the body’s own healing system, promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being. A powerful therapy for stress reduction and relaxation.
€ 90.00

Reflexology (60 min)

Reflexology works on the principle that all of our organs are repre­sented in the feet. By working on these points with acupressure.
€ 105.00